A little Tour de France by Le Tanneur

During all these years, we grew up side by side, without ever crossing paths. When we realised that only 5 small years separated our births, we knew it was about time to take a break and wait. Just to give us the opportunity to share a bit of the way together.

A part of the way which in the end became a true stage, since it has now lasted for over a year. It makes sense, we had so many things to tell each other, ideas to share. And what was bound to happen happened, just before summer: a collaboration, which we are revealing to you today.

La vie du Tour, tous les jours

For the occasion we decided to turn to, not towards the great names which shaped cycling, nor those endless screams and arms of support along the sides of the road, but towards you – and us -, city dwellers and nomads of the modern day, who enjoy beginning their week or weekend by pedalling.

Whether you prefer riding upright or bent over your handlebars, we have become the true and authentic representatives of the “a la francaise” lifestyle. We made sure you would be proud to embody it. A good way to inspire our teams who had a hard time knowing where to begin.

Available right now: a satchel, a backpack and a messenger bag. Three pieces in waterproof canvas with pretty leather edges to take with you anywhere, whatever the weather or the occasion.
Little extra: these accessories are accompanied by straps and can easily attach to your bike. Take these pieces with you without being bothered during your escapes!

Une commande spéciale

Our leather making expertise can be found on our bike, garnished withleather pieces. A fitted finish completely unique and authentic, based off the image of our collaboration.

And the loop comes around.