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Maître maroquinier since 1898

Maître maroquinier since 1898

The story of Le Tanneur begins right in the middle of an optimistic and carefree Belle Époque (late 1800s). From its very beginnings, it has been inspired by the French style of living and has always remained true to its founding principles and primary ambition:

"Embodying French elegance and passing down our love of well-crafted materials and fine leatherwork."

la maison

Since 1898, we have been dreaming up, designing and crafting premium and essential bags and accessories that have stood the test of the years, with their truly timeless design.

From full-grain leather to the finesse of a clasp, we neglect no detail.

For men and women who want a modern, timeless look, Le Tanneur offers a wide collection of leather goods to wear every day and love for a lifetime.

our beliefs

We are experts in small leather goods, which require extremely precise workmanship, and we pay particular attention to the choice of our raw materials. Our collections are made using only full-grain leather, which is the highest quality of leather.

Our teams are uncompromising and do their utmost to guarantee the highest quality and durability of our products so that they stand the test of time without ageing.

Since 1898, we have always adapted to the times, as master leatherworkers aware of their role in society and the responsibilities that go with it.

And today, our teams remain mindful of future considerations at all levels when designing our wares.


Le Tanneur was founded in 1898 by two men with exceptional expertise. Two entrepreneurial inventors: one a leatherworker, Mr Charles Bonnardel, the other a tanner from a family of tanners going back 3 generations, Mr Francisque Bornex.

They joined forces to launch their first luxury leather goods item: a revolutionary purse called "Le Sans Couture" ("Without Seams").

This partnership was to result in the founding of Le Tanneur and its collections, including its iconic coin purse, which we still produce today in our workshops near Le Mans, France.