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A leather piece marked with a pattern, initials, a first name, or a sweet word...
For special occasions, we really wanted to call on a gilder again.
You can therefore find her directly in our stores for sessions of gold leaf personalization.

If we value this collaboration, it's because it creates a bridge between two particularly complementary worlds: leatherworking and gilding. The gilder "places the gold where her desires lead her" and explores this elegant practice better than anyone else.

The principle? A hot iron presses patterns through gold leaf, which permanently adhere to the leather, giving it a unique character. It's a creative approach that we really love at Le Tanneur.

Starting from May, with every purchase, we offer you the personalization of your piece by a professional gilder.


More information and details right here:


19/05 - BHV Rivoli Femme

23/05 - Galeries Lafayette Nice Massena

24/05 - Galeries Lafayette Nice Cap 3000

08/06 et 15/06 - BHV Rivoli Homme

11/12 - Printemps Marseille La Valentine

13/12 - BHV Parly

14/12 - Galeries Lafayette Strasbourg

15/12 - Galeries Lafayette Lyon Part-Dieu

18/12 - Galeries Lafayette Nice Massena

18/12 - Printemps Velizy

19/12 - Galeries Lafayette Nice Cap 3000

19/12 - Printemps Haussmann

20/12 - Printemps Parly 2

20/12 - Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Homme

21/12 - BHV Rivoli Femme

17/12 - BHV Rivoli Homme

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